Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Assembling the corset 1

Okay, now lets put all the pieces together.

We'll start with the outer layer. Take either your front or back pieces with the respective closures already sewn in, (see previous posts) and pin the corresponding outer pattern pieces to it. I usually start with the front pieces, as you can see on the pictures below.

Take notice: Only pin the outer layers together. do not pin the lining pieces yet.
(see picture below)

Pin it so that the bottom and top of the corset line up.

Notice in the picture above that the right seam does not line up correctly, now this isn't such a huge problem on its own. But if every seam has this difference your garment will eventually come out crooked. So in this case, let's re-pin it.

Once everything is pinned right, you can sew it together.

Okay, let's see what we've got.


and out!

Let'continue, and repeat these steps for the rest of the pattern pieces.
In this case, my corset has shoulder straps. If yours has to, do not sew these together yet.
Allow the corset to lie flat while you're still working on it.

Once you've got all the outer layer pieces together, press the seams open.

Let's lay it flat, and see what we've got.

Now, let's continue with attaching the lining pieces.
You basically follow the same process as you did when assembling the outer layer.
I personally like to sew the lining seams with a allowance 2mm or 1/8 inch bigger then the outer layer. (this creates a tighter lining, and a nicer fit)

Once you've attached\closed all the seams, you'll end up with a corset turned inside out.
(see picture below.)

Before we turn the right side out. press the seams flat again.
After you've done this, take a pair of scissors and trim the seam allowance (lining only!)

Now take the same pair of scissors and make little cuts in all of the seam allowances, at the waist and breast area (see picture below).
Be carefull not to cut to close to the seam.

Notice: my cuts are never directly opposite eachother on the same seam.

Okay, let's turn this baby inside out and put it on a doll, to see what we've got.

That's already starting to look like a corset.

Okay, let's continue....

Shameless apology

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been terribly busy. I was involved in designing a movie which sadly fell through in the end. and helped out with a couple theatre productions. as well as auditioned for the dutch version op Project Runway/Catwalk, for which I needed to prepare loads of stuff.

However good news, the corset has been finished for a while now, and I will be updating the tutorial later today...