Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paper Dresses

Okay here's the next thing I recently finished.
These are costumes for an important dutch literature award.

Now the organisation wanted four female book figures which would roam a catwalk and a platform planted in the middle of the theatre (audience sat on the stage for a change) thus creating an interesting backdrop. I suggested that we make all dresses out of the actual pages of the nominated books. they really liked that idea. I spent lots of hours ripping out, dying, folding and sewing approximately 3200 individual paper pages. In the end a fifth dress was made out of silk that I had printed with the covers of the six nominees. the colour red in the dresses is a direct link to the colour of the AKO brand bookstores logo. AKO is the company that created and promotes the award

The wigs aren't made of paper but wood curls.
They were created and designed by Nienke Algra


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  2. Hi there!
    I've just found Ur blog and I just got stunned! So creative and so exciting! I've seen paper garments but these ones are just extraordinary!
    I tried to find smth about Ur education but I couldn't. As a matter of fact I'm a beginner and at the moment I'm about to finish my first historical corset of 1869. That's why I'm so curious about experience of pople like you.
    Once again. I'm fascinated by Ur work!
    P.s. I'm not so good at my English, I'm Russia. So I apoligise for my mistakes :)

  3. Hey Maximus,

    Thanks for your kind words. to answer your questions.
    I studied at the Royal Academy of Figurative Arts in The Hague Netherlands
    However I don't really recommend them. The way I learned is by sewing a lot, reading a lot of good books about clothing production, historical costumes, and by working with costumes in the theatre. Every new production I would work on, I'd take time to examine the clothes and the way it was constructed. I would suggest you learn to draw your own patterns, since it makes life a lot more easier, and gives you the tools to create any shape you like.

    Hope this helps you a little, good luck with your first corset. just take your time, and be a perfectionist!

  4. Thanks a lot for your wishes!
    I asked you about Ur education to make a decision what to start with. As I got absolutly no skills at sewing and desinging anything first of all it will be some course of elementary sewing operations (I got no experience at all). And I wanna make it clear for me where to go then... I know for sure cosets are my greates love, especially antique ones with curvy silhouette, complicated cutting, fantastic flossing and stunning look!
    Here's current stage of my production:
    But I do regret I understood my passion so late! :( I've spent 6 years syudying stupid economic science... I could have made so much if I'd started sewing back then... :(
    Anyway now I'm sure I found my way!

  5. These dresses are so amazing. I could not stop to have a try.

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